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How to Light a Cardboard Match?

There are many kinds of matches, and different matches are lit in different ways. Do you know how to light matchbookes? If you don't know, let's take a look.

1. Preparation before the matchbook is lit

Tear a match from the cardboard. Paper matches are almost always loaded in folded cardboard "clips". After lifting the flat cardboard, you can see some small paper matches with the bottoms attached to the cardboard clips.

To prepare for lighting, you need to pinch a matchbook, fold it away from the other matches, and tear the bottom of it off the cardboard.

Paper matches are a little more difficult to light than wood matches, but with a little practice you can easily master the method.

Lay the match flat on the ignition surface. There are a few different ways you can light a paper match, but the easiest way is slightly different than lighting a wooden match.

2. The ignition method of matchbookes

First, place a matchbook on the ignition surface. The firing side of a paper match is usually a narrow colored strip located on the back of the matchbox. Place the match head in the middle of the ignition surface so that the bottom sticks out slightly past the edge of the cardboard clip.

Fold up the paper cover and use it to hold down the match. Without moving the match, fold the matchbook 's "lid" back so that it is pressed against the match.

Touch with your hand to feel the round match head under the cardboard. Pinch the cardboard in this position and use your thumb to lightly press the match head through the cardboard. Use the cardboard lid to press the match head as tightly as possible. If the edge of the match head sticks out when you strike a matchbook , you could burn your thumb.

Pinch and pull out the match. Use your dominant hand to pinch the bottom of the match sticking out of the folded matchboard. Take the matchboard with your other hand and press down on the head of the match.

While squeezing the head of the match down, quickly pull the match out of the side of the cardboard. If done correctly, the friction between the ignition surface and the match head should ignite the match head when you pull it out.

Matchbookes are just like wood matches, and even if you get every step right, sometimes you still won't be able to light the match. Be prepared that you can try the above steps over and over again. If the match does not light, turn the match over so that the other side of the match head touches the igniting surface.

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