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What Is Safety Matches

Ordinary black matches, safety matches is the original design, from Sweden. As the match after ignition head is still black, as distinguished from, and later joined the security dye in the first match in medicine, became head matches and now red-green head matches.
Whether red-head, green or black-head, are all safety matches.

Common match: matches ordinary means Stick smaller cross-section, a shorter length, matches made without chemical treatment. According to China's current national standard Gli393-R4 provides that ordinary wooden matchsticks stem specifications for 1. 8mm X 1. 8mm x 38mm1 wax BU Terrier Stick specifications for 1.6mmx30mm.

Safety matches ingredients are Commelina primary oxidant (KClO3), and other combustibles (e.g., sulfur, etc.) and a binder. Matchbox side mainly by red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide, binder. When striking a match, and the match head matchbox side frictional heat, so that the heat evolved decomposition of KClO3, a small amount of oxygen, combustion of red phosphorus, thereby causing the head matches combustibles (e.g., sulfur) combustion so that it matches the paddled.

The advantage is that the safety matches with an oxidizing agent to separate the red phosphorus, not only safer but also non-toxic chemicals used. It is also known as safety matches.

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